The CFO's playbook for 2024

Many challenges from 2023 are stubbornly sticking around – an energy crisis, talent shortages, supply chain disruptions and inflation.

There’s a silver lining, we promise.

Businesses seem to be acclimating to their challenging circumstances and becoming increasingly resilient. And one of the key ways they’re doing this is with technology. From management platforms that encourage collaboration and communication, to generative AI.

In this eBook, you will: 

✓ Discover how CFOs and financial leaders can create opportunities out of new and old challenges 

✓ Get insights from senior financial decision makers from across Europe on how they’re navigating the ongoing digital transformation and new regulations on the horizon 

✓ Take an in-depth look at the ongoing evolution of the CFO and finance team, and the role they’ll play as automation continues to increase across business operations

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Looking ahead 

Staying resilient in 2024 is no easy feat. It’s our hope that this eBook can be an actionable guide for the challenges of the year ahead. 

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